Getting Connected: From Wires, to Satellites, to the Palm of your Hand

The world of communication as it is known today was completely revolutionized by one man, with a vision. The very first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1870’s. Bell had a vision of connecting people over long distances, without having wait weeks; months even, for a letter. Why shouldn’t you be able to hear someone? No one wants to travel for ages, putting their life on hold to speak to loved ones that may be located far away. Thus, with this dream, with this vision, the telephone was born.

The basic parts of a modern-day and even antique telephones are the microphone, into which one person speaks, the earphone, to which the other listens and hears the voice of the speaker, and the keypad or dial, into which the phone number is entered. There is also the switch, which connects and disconnects the phone from the network. Nowadays, cell phones have touch-screen technology. A landline telephone is connected to the network by wires. Since phone hookups have remained the same for some time now, antique phones can still be connected and utilized. Those that are older fashioned, or retro, would love to own one of these with the classic telephone ring. So how exactly does your voice travel thousands of miles for others to hear? Some will never grasp the technology, but in simplest terms, the voice is digitized and sent to the network, along with millions of other voices, and put back together on the other side. This works much like a television. For mobile phones, satellite technology is used. In a fraction of a second, the signal is sent from the phone to the nearest phone tower, where it is then hurled miles and miles into space, pinged off of a satellite, and sent from the tower closest to the person being called, to their mobile phone. It is mind-boggling.

Some Interesting Facts about Telephones Today:

  • As of the end of 2009, there were a total of approximately six billion fixed-line and mobile telephone subscribers worldwide. Imagine all of those voices flying overhead.

  • Telephone handsets are put through the “Drop Test” in which they are dropped from a height of six feet to test their durability.

  • About one third of the world’s population has never made a telephone call.

Today, the technologies that are put into cell phones are comparable to that of computers. They can email, create and send documents, you can shop on them, manage your social life, and pretty much anything you want it to do. They are slim, sleek, fashionable, and customizable to any personality. Some of the most popular cell phone models today are the iPhone 4S, the Motorola Atrix 2, and the Samsung Galaxy S2. Smartphones have been on the rise lately, and mostly all of the new cell phones produced today are smartphones. However, the contract plans for smart phones are comparably more expensive than those of other cell phones. Next time you are making a call on your cell phone, take the time to consider its origins, and the amazing complexity of how they work.

Phones in Today’s World

Our modes of communication have transformed constantly over the years. From Morse code, telegraph, telephone lines, to finally mobile phones. Mobile phones are popularly used all around the world today. In fact, it’s uncommon to know someone without a phone. Mobile services have since moved forward to provide affordable prices to everyone. Who doesn’t need a phone? Our city is constantly rushing. Traveling from one place to another. The demands of our daily life have changed the way we reach one another. Phones have evolved into what we recognize today as ‘Smart Phones’. This avatar is the latest form and each of them are designed to feature different functions some more than others.

So what are the uses of phones? Well besides allowing people to stay in touch with others, they come with a multitude of features and other special options. Most commonly, calendars, agenda, memo, recorder, games, time, etc. Phones help us in a lot of ways by allowing us to set the alarm next morning or the timer function among many other cool features.

The great thing about phones is that you could customize it to your personal style of preference. There’s a whole spectrum of wallpaper backgrounds, themes, screensavers, ringtones, phone-covers to choose from. After all, personalized phones say something about who you are. As there are many ways to customize your phones, there is a various ways to customize your phone. First, many service providers offer exclusive phone models that can’t be purchased anywhere else. These phones are usually preloaded with a set of unique features and characteristics. Some phones are bulky. Others are thin and slim. Once in a while you’ll spot a miniature phone so small you’d think they were made for kids. And the truth is, there are many phones and not one size fits all.

Most service providers include many phones at a limited offer or with a special deal for an amazing price. Offers cover from Buy 1 phone get another one free. Or subscribe to this plan and receive one phone free for the next one at half-its originally marked price. These terrific deals are bound to get anyone running before supplies run out or the great deals reach their expiration date. As for making a choice, phones range from a wide variety of kinds.  The marketplace is vast and there are so many sellers to choose from to pick the phone that’s right for you. If you’re internet savvy, you have EBay, Amazon, Retailers, Unauthorized retailers, Craigslist, etc. The best place to buy a phone would be personally at a retailer. Unless you really trust the seller you are buying from online then there’s no other reason to hesitate.

Each year new models are released onto the market, changing the way we communicate and the way we think about communication. Many features newly integrated into our new phones have recently emerged into the hands of the masses. Never before have people been able to text, send a picture to each with a push of a simple button. Many multitudes of functions are designed to be useful and helpful. It’s a clear sign of future, a sign of what to come, and how breathless we would feel as sophisticated phones continue to evolve.


Phones: Everything You Need to Know

The phone is the most common appliance in the world. There are many different types of phones. There are landlines, cordless phones, and cell phones just to start with the basics. Every year, technology presents new developments in phone technologies, so there is always more to learn.

Common Phone Features

All phones feature certain basic elements such as a ringer, a dial mechanism, a microphone, and a speaker. Even the earliest phones used these mechanisms even though the original phones relied on an operator to run a switchboard to connect calls. Today this is done automatically without the need for an operator to handle the connections between phone lines. As phone technology developed, new features became available like call-waiting, 3-way calling to make it possible to talk to more than one person at a time and through more than one phone line at a time, and automatic call redirecting to a different number. If a person is on vacation, their calls to their landline can be redirected to their current location. This is known as call forwarding.

Landline Telephones

A landline travels through a metal or optical cable. In 2003, there were over a billion landlines in the world, with China having 350 million and the United States having 268 million. Landlines can be hard-wired or cordless, and they’re the types of phones that are typically used in homes and offices. The hardwired typed of landline is usually running through the main electrical unit in the home or office. The cordless phone usually runs on batteries. A fixed wireless connection often uses battery power as a back up.  A landline phone works through a wired connection that is typically installed by the telephone service provider for a home or office. Landline phones are typically wired so that even a power interruption is not likely to affect the phones ability to make or receive phone calls.

Wireless Phones

Wireless phones have been around for several decades. Wireless phones work like the landline phones do, with a service provider installing the cable into a home or office, but  the phone itself is not wired into the phone line- only the receiver is. These phones are left on the receiver for charging, and the phone itself requires a battery. The phone’s signal is picked up through airwaves, but still relies on being within a certain distance from the receiver. These phones must be charged frequently. Leaving them on the receiver ensures that the phone stays adequately charged. Unlike landline phones, these will not work for very long in the event of a power outage, since it relies on electricity to power the receiver that sends the signal to the phone’s handset. These offer convenience over the original landline phone, but do not offer as many functions as cell phones do.

Cell phones

Cell phones are the most common type of phone purchased today, simply for the convenience of not having to be in a certain location to make and receive calls. Cell phones range from extremely basic to being state-of-the-art. The most basic phones do little more than the original landline phones did, but they do make it possible to send and receive calls from anywhere in range of a service tower providing a signal. All cell phones rely on batteries so are not subject to problems during power outages, unless the phone simply is out of charge. In that case, electricity is required to charge the battery. With a car charger, the phone can be charged using the car’s battery instead of electricity.

Modern cell phones have features that allow internet access and many models offer hands free services. Most cell phones require that you use a subscription to a cell phone provider, though there are models available that allow you to pay by the month. These usually do not require credit checks.

All About Computer Poker Programs

Poker is on the rise throughout North America, and the results of this can be seen everywhere. There are classes you can take to learn how to play poker, there are games happening almost 24/7 online that a fan can find to play, and those who choose to play in the casino instead can find a game happening in almost any part of the country. People can host poker parties with assistance of companies or without, trying to go it alone. But with all that, one of the most popular trends occurring now with poker is the rise in computer poker programs.

There are some out there that are designed to teach you how to play. They will tell you the odds of each hand, and teach you what to do in each situation. However with learning from a computer program it is very hard to learn to play against people. You will understand the basics and know the rules inside and out, but eventually a computer program almost always become predictable and people are not ever predictable. People have emotions and that is not something that computers program are able to teach you ever.

There are also computer programs out there that are designed to be ran at the same time as you are playing online poker. These programs are designed under the theory that they can help you gain an edge in the game. The odds are calculated with every hand, and the odds that someone else has a better hand then you are also displayed. However, most online poker rooms do not allow these styles of programs, and if you are caught you are banned. The other downside to these programs is that they can be quite confusing to use, often times what they show you as the screen shot, has been changed slightly or completely to make it look easier to use.

There are also computer poker programs available for fulltilt download online. While some of them are free, the ones that promise big results often do cost quite a bit of money. Even if you are able to find one that is a “deal” it is still too much money. The fact is that most of the downloadable programs are nothing more then a scam. By cheating people who are trying to cheat others, they have found a market that is largely untapped.

While learning from a computer poker program, you need to realize that the only way you will truly get better at playing poker is to play it. Take some time to jump in the deep end and get started playing. Go slow, don’t go betting more then you can afford, but that is a good rule to follow no matter how good you think you are at the game. Poker like any other form of gambling is very addicting, so when buying a poker program, be sure that you are buying it for entertainment purposes, and not trying to create an income.

The Truth About Poker Software

Poker software can be somewhat of a misnomer as in most of the available tilt poker software available today is designed to not only increase your odds in the online poker room on the internet, but in many cases to find ways to outright cheat. This is becoming very a very popular form of software as the online poker sites are becoming not only more popular but the game of poker itself is experiencing a resurrection of sorts. The poker software is becoming more and more of a problem as the money involved reaches some very significant levels. Online poker rooms have employees that do nothing but study the online poker software and look for it in their rooms. This is their job, not a hobby, they do it well.

There are many forms of poker software out there that allow you to track your own stats, those of your opponents, they will go as far as to calculate the odds for you and even find the best online tables to sit at. That being said if you don’t really first understand the game then the poker software may not help you all that much. Poker is a both a practically and mentally a very strategic games. You really need to understand the game and all its nuances before trying to use any type of poker software.

The next reason to rethink using the software is that very few of them do everything for you; you may end up needing to use more than one. Add to this the fact these forms of software are oft times very confusing to use which means if you are not computer or technologically inclined you are putting yourself at a great disadvantage. It’s going to be very difficult to deal with the poker software and do yourself justice in the poker room at the same time. Most people only see they what they want to see and they want to see a type of edge it can give them in the room. They see the edge, real or imagined and want to think that it can help them win the big money.

The fact is most software is very hard to use, and the screenshots that they show you when you wish to purchase the software is often doctored. Yes while you are trying to scam the other players the software creators are trying to scam you as well. Also if you are caught using a software poker program while you are playing online poker, you are banned from the site permanently. You could also face legal charges and have the company come after your winnings.

Bottom line is, that if you really want to download full tilt poker or even buy a poker software program do so at your own risk, most aren’t that good anyway, and you will not ever learn the game while you continue trying to cheat it. If its not worth playing yourself, then perhaps it is not worth playing at all.

The Wining Hands of Texas Hold’Em Poker

In Texas Hold’Em, oftentimes referred to as “holdem” or simply “Texas,” players must use a combination of their two hole cards and the five communal cards to make the strongest possible five card hand to win the hand. So what out ranks what? What’s the best and whats the worst? Hopefully, this overview will explain the different five card hards, starting with the strongest to the weakest.

Ace of SpadesKing of SpadesQueen of SpadesJack of SpadesTen of Spades

The Royal Flush:This is the strongest hand possible in the game. It starts with an Ace and follows down with the King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suite.

Four of DiamondsFive of DimaondsSix of DiamondsSeven of DiamondsEight of Diamonds

A Straight Flush: The second in terms of strength, it is any five cards in sequence (like a Straight), composed of entirely the same suite (like a Flush), hence the name of the hand. f the same suite in – A straight of entirely one suit.

Jack of DiamondsJack of SpadesJack of ClubsJack of HeartsEight of Diamonds

Four-of-a-Kind: The third in rank comprised of four cards of the same rank such as Four Jacks. The fifth card can be any other card from the deck, as it’s which four cards you have the same of that determine just how strong your four of a kind is. Four Aces beats everything except a Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

Queen of DiamondsQueen of SpadesQueen of ClubsAce of DiamondsAce of Spades

The Full House: Three-of-a-kind accompanied by a Pair of cards. The strength of this hand comes from which three of a kind you have – just in case somebody else has a Full House too.

Four of DiamondsTen of DiamondsAce of DiamondsTwo of DiamondsFive of Diamonds

Flush: – You have five cards, any five cards that belong to the same suite. Obviously, it does happen that two or even three players can have a Flush. Therefore, the highest card in your Flush is what counts when comparing different Flushes.

Eight of DiamondsNine of DiamondsTen of SpadesJack of HeartsQueen of Clubs

A low Ace Straight:

Ace of DiamondsTwo of SpadesThree of DiamondsFour of DiamondsFive of Spades

Straight: You’ve got this hand when you have any five cards in sequence – the suites don’t matter and don’t have to match. So long as you’ve got five cards in sequence you’ve got a straight. Again, Straight versus Straight is not uncommon, the straight with the highest card wins.

Remember that in Texas, the Ace can be high or low as shown, so when you are using the Ace as a low, your straight is easier to beat.

King of ClubsKing of HeartsKing of SpadesAce of SpadesTwo of Diamonds

Three-of-a-Kind: When you hold three cards of the same rank such as three kings, the remaining two cards should not be a pair – if they are you have a Full House, the third strongest hand in the game. Three-of-a-kind is “low” on the totem pole of poker hands but do not count it out, as it can and does win the hand.

Two of SpadesTwo of DiamondsJack of ClubsJack of DiamondsQueen of Spades

Two Pairs: Just as the name implies, you are holding two cards of the same rank and another two cards of the same rank.

Ace of Spades Ace of DiamondsSix of DiamondsTen of SpadesKing of Clubs

One Pair – Just like it sounds, you hold two cards of the same rank.

Two of DiamondsFour of SpadesSeven of SpadesTen of DiamondsKing of Clubs

High Card: The worst possible hand in any hand of Texas, where the highest card in your hand is the only card you can play. If this is all you got at the river – Fold!

Where can you find poker tournaments?

Poker is one of the most popular games in casinos online and offline today and over the last few years the concept of poker tournaments has become even more popular. If you are curious about how it would be to play in a tournament and are searching for tournaments, then there are two main ways that you can consider.

Online poker tournaments

Online poker tournaments are a great place to start for anyone who is still new to tournaments and is not very experienced. Also, it would be a good option if you don’t live in an area that has casinos in its vicinity. You can easily download online casino software in no time from sites like Pacific Poker, PlaySolidPoker, PokerStars and PartyPoker. You simply have to register for any upcoming tournament that you like and participate in it. The menus on these sites will direct you easily and quickly to the tournaments. Sit n Go is a tournament format which is very popular online. These tournaments will usually be single table poker tournaments and when you beat everyone else at your table you would win.

One of the biggest benefits of playing at online poker tournaments is that there is a lot of flexibility in buy in levels. Multi table tournaments are also quite popular and are generally large events with larger prizes. There will also be a lot of variations in the games played like Texas Hold em, Omaha, Stud etc so you can easily select a game variation that you are most skilled at.

Offline poker tournaments

Finding poker tournaments offline is a little difficult unless you live in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or close to a city where you can find casinos. However, the experience of playing face to face with hundreds of competitors can be very rewarding. There are also various independent tournaments which are organized today like the world series of poker, world poker tour etc which are immensely popular and attract players from all over the world. Offline poker tournaments will generally have stricter schedules and are generally not organized on a regular or even on a monthly basis. Also, the larger the event, the higher would be the entry fee or the buy-ins.

The experience of playing at an offline, land based tournament is something else altogether as you will be surrounded by players from every part of the world, sometimes even celebrities. If picking up tells of opponents is your style of the game then you will definitely like these tournaments better than anything else. Also, if you want to have the experience of playing at a televised poker tournament then these land based tournaments would be the right choice for you.

Both of these tournaments have their own pros and cons and you will be able to select the one you like based on your preferences.

John Kim Joins The Showdown

Poker News: John Kim (Nicolak) Joins The Showdown

For all those tuned in regularly to the web-based TV show, “The Showdown with Jon Friedberg” there’s a new face on the screen waiting to be spotted. It belongs to none other than cash game specialist and CardRunners instructor, John “Nicolak” Kim. The show is a favorite of poker fans and those of you who have missed it for some reason can expect to catch it on Poker News Daily, which telecasts streaming videos of two parts of the weekly installments.

The show is sponsored by, which enables all its members to view it after signing up to play at this website. If you haven’t signed up here just yet, all you need to do for availing the bonus code UBPND is to click by the home page and follow the simple steps to signing up as a regular member.

This week’s show highlight involved the host, Friedberg, kick-starting the show with a discussion on Jay Rosenkrantz, the former “2 Months, 2 Million Dollars” star. Krantz had earlier admitted to having used a roommate’s online account for logging in to the game play in a TwoPlusTwo, which caused Friedberg to assess the situation as Krantz having got flamed away in the forums for having done something wrong but having the nerve to publicly admit his unethical means of winning once he realized it was against the strict codes of the poker sites.

Friedberg also invited public opinion on this action of Rosenkrantz from poker fans and users of Twitter, the short message social networking site for celebrities and those who would rather rave and rant a little more about the issue are free to shoot off an e-mail at Friedberg’s ID, which is

Earlier, a professional, Daniel Negreanu had reacted negatively to the CEREUS Network site besides its latest star going on Twitter which Friedberg had not taken kindly to as Negreanu had pitched himself as the Number 1 ambassador for the website as well as the online gaming community worldwide (a comment aimed at Showdown viewers).

Friedberg was of the opinion that such comments were uncalled for and made Daniel as well as the whole poker industry look bad; he made it clear that Daniel should have exercised more restraint in his public commentary.

Kim, who had mentored Friedberg when he took the plunge from tournament play to cash games enjoyed the moniker of “Nicolak” was quick to clarify his reason for entering into a deal with CardRunners: “The main reason was I was allowed to give away tells and my play…it felt like a good time and I felt like poker has been good to me…so why not give something back?” Kim also admitted to having strongly felt that the sign up would open up more opportunities for him.

However, the most exciting part of the game show for Kim would definitely be the part that lets him immortalize his favorite game in a training video format that allow Friedberg to secure crucial aspects of his table strategy. So, catch new episodes of the show with Kim and Friedberg every Thursday for tough poker processes simplified for players wanting to transition from tournament to cash versions of the game!

Data Communications

Data communications sounds pretty technical and perhaps it really is. The simple fact is that in many ways we all deal with and use data communications almost every day. Data communication is using an electronic device, more often than not today a computer, to gather and send information to either a like device or sometimes a completely dissimilar system.

We do this every day; day and day out when we get on our computers like you are right now. When your computer gathers and sends any type of information to another computer that is a form of data communication. One device is gathering and sending to another similar device. Accessing the internet is yet another form of data communication, just on a much larger scale, perhaps the largest scale of data communication. This data can take any number of forms from text or graphics to video or music files. This is just one of the more common ways that we see data communication at work There are many different ways. Data communications is advancing and changing so fast anymore it’s all that the people in the field can do to keep up. It is actually changing on a weekly basis.

The other forms that we commonly encounter in the data communications arena are the cameras that are mounted on light poles. These cameras catch the motion of cars as they speed by, if you happen to drive through a red light these cameras are set to photograph your license plate number, this photo is transferred and read by yet another computer which then cross references your license plate with its data base, determines who you are and automatically sends you a ticket in the mail. The level of technology required to make all of this happen in the data communication world is impressively high. The field simply by virtue of what it is stays constantly on the cutting edge; anything less and the competition and the field itself will overwhelm you and pass you by.

Another way we interact with data communications is the way we do our banking anymore, especially representative of this is the way we use debit cards. The ATM device reads our card, analyzes our account, determines the amount in the count subtracts or adds a given amount, and then completes the transaction with another institutions computer all in the matter of a minute or less. We now take this totally for granted but if you were to stop and think about it for a moment its totally amazing. The world of data communications also includes the world of phones, but in comparison they must seem rather mundane. Many phones today aren’t so much phones anymore but small hand held computers. Again the technology is actually quite amazing. The world of data communication is growing so fast few disciplines in the history of the world have ever developed and advanced so fast and not only kept the pace up but increased it. At this rate the level of development in just ten years should be all but inconceivable.